About Bass Guru

Bass Guru is a virtual music school featuring lessons for all player levels and styles. Our lessons are available instantly online, as well as in our free app for Apple iPad and iPhones. We bring the best players and the best teachers directly to you!

Bass Guru™ is a one-of-a-kind website and app that features real, pro bass players and teachers teaching you one-on-one their signature lines!

Bass Guru features lesson packs for all ability levels, with lessons focused on technique and musicality from top players and teachers such as Victor Wooten, Felix Pastorius, Tom Kennedy, Lincoln Goines, Ed Friedland and more. Click here to see our entire list of Bass Guru Instructors.

In Bass Guru, each lesson pack features a “Lesson Mode” and “Practice Mode”. In Lesson Mode, you will see a video demonstrating the lesson. You can hit the 1/2 speed button to actually slow down the video in both normal size and also in full screen (Bass Guru app only – coming soon for BassGuru.com). In Practice Mode, you will find the lesson written out and can hear it played. You can also pause, loop, and adjust the tempo so you can better learn the lesson (Bass Guru app only – coming soon for BassGuru.com).