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Important Notice to New and Existing Customers

  • We recently released a new, web-based version of Bass Guru, right here at Now you can purchase and view lesson packs from your computer or laptop or any other device where you can access, including from within the Bass Guru app for iPad and iPhone. You can still purchase lesson packs using in app-purchase on your iOS device, but any packs purchased using in-app purchase on your iOS device will not be accessible through For the most flexibility in viewing options, we recommend purchasing lesson packs from
  • If you’ve previously purchased packs using in-app purchase on your iOS device and would like to access them from, please click here to contact us to request access.

About Bass Guru

What is Bass Guru?

How much does Bass Guru cost?

What do I need to run the Bass Guru app?

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?

If I purchase a pack at, will I be able to view it in the Bass Guru App on my iPad or iPhone?

Using Bass Guru

How do I purchase and download a lesson pack?

How do I view any lesson packs I’ve already purchased?

How do I watch a lesson?

How do I delete a pack I’ve already downloaded?

I accidentally deleted a pack from my Bass Guru app, how can I recover it?

I am trying to purchase a couple packs, but am getting the error message “Only one pack may be downloaded at a time. You are currently downloading another pack. Please wait until the current download is complete, and then try again.”

My iPad goes to sleep while downloading, and when I wake it up, my download starts over from the beginning

If there is no sound on my iPad, what do I do ?

Device Compatibility (as of 4/24/2017)