Fretboard Navigation 2 – Triads Part 2:

  • Styles:
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Skill Level:
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Number of Lessons:
  • 6
  • Price:
  • $3.99

In this pack, Felix Pastorius expands upon the exercises that he has created to help you learn and navigate the fretboard. The diminished and augmented triads are introduced along with two new exercises: directional switching and note skipping. You can use these two new strategies over the major and minor triads as well. The exercises are meant to be practiced in all twelve keys and will help you develop a masterful knowledge of your fretboard.

Be sure to complete the series by purchasing Fretboard Navigation Packs 1 and 3. You can also find more exciting lessons from Felix Pastorius in his Chord Studies series.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack: