Nate Watt: Influences:

  • Styles:
  • Funk
  • Fusion
  • Pop
  • Skill Level:
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Number of Lessons:
  • 7
  • Price:
  • $3.99

In this pack, Nate Watts explores some of his influences and discusses his early adoption of the keyboard bass. Learn more about how Nate uses his skills to back up the legendary Stevie Wonder live. This pack includes a look at how his approach to a song might differ on keyboard vs electric bass. Be sure to check out transcription mode where you can see these classic bass lines written out!

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Here are the lessons that appear in this pack: 

  1. Influences
  2. James Jamerson
  3. Living for the City (Keyboard Version)
  4. Superstition (Keyboard Version)
  5. Superstition (Bass Version)
  6. Living for the City (Bass Version)
  7. Bonus: My Cherie Amour